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Medical Assisting: What They Do & The Benefits of Being One

Interested in starting a career as a medical assistant? Medical assistants are health professionals working in both clinical and medical environments. They are key players, helping patients feel comfortable during their doctor’s appointment as well as explaining and clarifying doctors’ recommendations and instructions.

Careers Available for Medical Assisting Program Graduates

Interested in becoming a medical assistant? Want to learn about the jobs that may be available after completing the Medical Assisting Program at Daymar College? Ready to take your medical assisting career to the next level?

What Kind Of Job Can I Get With A Medical Assisting Degree?

Medical assisting jobs can vary greatly. Medical assistants often help to intake new patients, take medical histories and check vital signs of patients. They may also help with the organization of the medical office with items such as filing, documentation, and verifying insurance information to name a few.

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