Future Cardiographic Technicians: Get Your EKG Technician Training at Daymar!

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Certified Cardiographic Technicians (CCTs) play an important role in any medical center, and help diagnose cardiovascular problems that might deeply affect the life of patients. The minimum requirement to start electrocardiogram (EKG) technician training is a high school diploma, but students who go through a specific cardiographic technology curriculum, like the one Daymar College offers, may be better prepared to pass the Certified Cardiographic Examination required to become certified as a CCT.

Daymar College’s Cardiographic Technology program, which includes curriculum for an Associate of Science Degree, focuses on the basic EKG technician training necessary to give students the opportunity to score well on the exam and gain certification.

The tasks of a cardiographic technician include administering EKGs, delivering final test results and assisting physicians with patients. At Daymar College, our program is designed to prepare you to adequately perform these tasks and take on your new role as a CCT.

The Salary is Competitive with Many Other Health Care Positions

According to the Occupational Employment and Wage Rates for Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations in Kentucky in 2015, the entry level salary for technical occupations was $28,953 per year. This is an entry-level salary comparable to other health care positions, such as certified clinical medical assistants, certified nurse assistants, emergency department technicians and patient assistants.

The job comes with some important responsibilities. A CCT assists with the diagnosis of a patient before a surgery; providing a physician with the appropriate information plays a fundamental role in the health of the patient.

The certification is not required, but it makes you more competitive in the market. The job placement rate for students who complete this program at Daymar College is 83%. The most recent job positions that students were hired for include Cardiographic Tech, which involves conducting tests on patients’ pulmonary or cardiovascular systems, and Monitor Watcher, which involves observing and interpreting patients’ heart statuses.

Find a Cardiographic Technician Training School that Works for You

There are several things to consider when choosing a school for cardiographic and EKG technician training. When attending full-time, Daymar’s Cardiographic Technology Diploma Program is designed to be completed within 15 months. All credits earned in this program can then be applied to the Associate of Science Degree program.

This program focuses on hands-on training to best prepare you for cardiographic technician positions upon successful completion.

In addition to the hands-on training you can receive, our career services are a great resource you should use to your advantage. Daymar College’s career services include:

● Career advice for all students

● Information regarding employment opportunities

● Free workshops for current and former Daymar students

● Interview simulation sessions

Scholarships and financial aid are other aspects of your future education that should be taken into consideration when looking for a program to attend. We are proud to offer several scholarships to students who qualify.

Your Future as a CCT

Cardiographic technicians may need to work on holidays and weekends, and are required to stand for a long time, which might be uncomfortable for some people.

However, the growth in demand for certified cardiographic technicians is great if you are looking for a career with a competitive, growing salary in the health-care field.

Becoming a cardiographic technician is a perfect if you are looking for the right mix of responsibility, salary and work hours. Certification makes you a more competitive candidate for the job, and Daymar has the resources to help you gain the knowledge you need to confidently take the certification exam.

Cardiographic technicians are essential to the health of patients, and studying at a school with a program emphasizing EKG technician training is an encouraged education route. Check out Daymar’s CCT program and contact us for questions!