Chancellor's Awards

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Daymar College

Chancellor's Awards recipients

In every field there are employees who surpass their peers in terms of their vision of the future and their ability to engage others to embrace and pursue that vision. Once a year, Daymar College recognizes those employees who demonstrate their effectiveness through their contribution to Daymar and the results they achieve for the organization with the Chancellor's Award.  The Chancellor’s Award is presented employees who demonstrate:

  • exceptional leadership
  • service to the Organization
  • contribution to students and the goals of the organization.

Chancellor award recipients 2015

From left to right: Dan Peterson, Daymar College Chancellor and CEO, Jonathan Pezzutti, Assistant Director of Admissions-Online, Connie Hardison, Associate Vice Chancellor of Accounting, and Cayce Spence, Assistant Director of Admissions-Madisonville.

Eagle Award Winners:

Jonathan Pezzutti, Assistant Director of Admissions - Online

  • Sat more students than anyone in the online division
  • Ended the year at 122% to new student plan
  • 58% start rate was the highest on the team which speaks volumes to his customer service level
  • Jonathan's daily devotion to Daymar College and the staff around him
  • Jonathan's positive energy helps everyone around him thrive for greatness and his "get it done" attitude shows through his tremendous work ethic
  • Jonathan is receiving this award because of his leadership, hard work, and his dedication to his students, his team, and this company

Connie Hardison, Associate Vice Chancellor of Accounting

  • Through her exemplary leadership Connie has lead a strong team of employees
    • zero turnover among her staff
    • her department delivers great service for the entire enterprise with less staff
    • she was instrumental in delivering much needed expense savings throughout the past year.
  •  While Connie does not directly work with students like many of our employees, the work done in the revenue accounting and budgeting areas impact our students in many ways. 
    • She helps plan and account for our financial resources thus providing the resources necessary to service the students.
  • Connie’s tireless dedication to Daymar College is clearly evident.  
    • Her team has relocated several times in the past year. 
    • She lead the CRC move from New Hartford Rd, coordinated every aspect of the closure of that space and the opening of the new office.  
    • She physically moved furniture and boxes, and everything necessary to make the move happen. 
    • That move alone is saving the company over 50K per year! 
  • She is not only an expert in the accounting area, but holds great institutional knowledge that has been invaluable to the executive team.

Cayce Spence, Assistant Director of Admissions-Madisonville

  • Cayce was hired to Daymar College in May 2015. In just 6 months, Cayce has single handedly rebuilt the Madisonville campus. 
    • She has consistently maintained an outstanding conversion rate (inquiry to application) at 22.5%. 
    • More than 62% of her total applications have come directly from her personally developed referrals, which have converted at an outstanding 79.4%.  She has successfully started 61 on a plan of 27, exceeding plan by 126%. 
  • Cayce has a spectacular, can-do attitude and meets every challenge and every student with a friendly smile and welcoming approach.

Through their hard work and dedication to Daymar College, these employees have soared and exceeded performance standards.

Instructor of the Year:

Daymar College instructor of the year award

Laura Kingery accepted her award through Facetime, presented by Dr. Lance Garrison, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs & Operations

Laura Kingery - Clarksville Campus

Laura actively collaborates with her academic colleagues to track and support the success of every student in her classes. She continually seeks to add new and innovative instructional techniques in her classes. She shares her wisdom, gained through personal and professional experience, with her students and endeavors to be a strong model of professionalism. She strives for excellence and lives a philosophy of life long learning by attending workshops and regularly completing continuing education units. She holds weekly tutoring sessions and APA Style labs to assist her students with improving their writing skills. She has a strong command of instructional technology and uses that command to engage her students and help them become more open and involved in the learning process. She inspires her students with her passion for education. She consistently strives for excellence, demonstrates integrity, is a team player, and is respected by students, faculty and staff.

Laura, through an active expression of her passion for teaching and learning, help ensure our students are actively engaged in their coursework and successfully walking a path toward the achievement of their educational goals. She has shown an outstanding commitment to student success by going above and beyond in pursuit of instructional excellence.

Campus Awards

Team Spirit Award - Awarded to Owensboro campus

Awarded to the campus with the highest enrollment growth between January 1, 2015-December 31, 2015

Daymar College awards team spirit award

Dan Peterson, left, Daymar College Chancellor & CEO, presents the Spirit Award to Tina Lynch, Owensboro campus president, on behalf of the Owensboro campus,

Changing Lives Award - Awarded to the Nashville campus

Awarded to the campus with the highest placement rate (based on CAR reports) for 2015

Daymar College Changing Lives award

Dan Peterson, left, Chancellor & CEO, presents the Changing Lives Award to the Nashville campus. The award was accepted by Angie Pearrow, middle, Career Services Coordinator, and Robert Bonds, Nashville campus president

Student Success Award - Awarded to the Owensboro campus

Awarded to the campus with the highest retention rate for 2015

Daymar College awards student success award

Dan Peterson, left, Chancellor & CEO, presents the Student Success Award to the Owensboro campus. The award was accepted by Cayce Spence, middle, Assistant Directory of Admissions-Madisonville and Tina Lynch, Owensboro campus president