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Posted on: March 07, 2016
/programs/criminal-justiceFor Criminal Justice Month, Daymar College is honoring educators and graduates of our Criminal Justice program who are making a difference every day in their communities. Since the US Congress established it in 2009, the purpose of National Criminal Justice Month has been “to promote societal... Read more
Posted on: February 29, 2016
What Can I Do With a Criminal Justice Degree? from Daymar College Criminal justice careers are increasingly available. So, how can you get in while the demand is high? If you are interested in a career in criminal justice, your timing is just right. Not only are there plenty of job opportunities in the criminal justice... Read more
Posted on: February 12, 2016
It has come to our attention there are numerous organizations targeting students with outstanding educational loans, specifically through social media outlets. These organizations are making inaccurate, false and defamatory allegations and insinuating that if you attended specific colleges you are eligible for loan... Read more
Posted on: February 03, 2016
We are proud to announce that Mayor Bruce Wilkerson, of Bowling Green Kentucky, has been selected as president of our Daymar College’s Bowling Green Campus. Mayor Bruce Wilkerson is no stranger to Daymar College. In fact in he has had a long, supportive relationship with the college that begun in the ‘90s. At the time, he... Read more
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Posted on: January 28, 2016
Chancellor's Awards recipients In every field there are employees who surpass their peers in terms of their vision of the future and their ability to engage others to embrace and pursue that vision. Once a year, Daymar College recognizes those employees who demonstrate their effectiveness through their contribution to... Read more
Posted on: January 05, 2016
Bring a friend and join us for a FREE French Toast Breakfast! Daymar College - Russellville - 206 Sam Walton Dr., Russellville, KY 42276 While you enjoy breakfast, we also invite you to learn more about Daymar College and how Daymar College can help you achieve your career goals.  Visit our classrooms Speak to our... Read more
Posted on: October 06, 2015
Join Us for Grand Opening Celebration of new Nashville Campus on Thursday, October 15, at 10:30 a.m. New and returning students reporting to Daymar College of Nashville for the fall term found bigger and better facilities at our new Nashville campus, now located at 560 Royal Parkway. Our recent move in Nashville will help... Read more
Posted on: October 05, 2015
Choosing a career with a medical assistant degree in Kentucky means you’ll likely be the first and last face a family will see at a medical appointment. You will have an opportunity to support doctors and nurses as part of a healthcare team. This rewarding job requires medical assisting students to learn laboratory... Read more
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Posted on: October 05, 2015
If you would like to work in the medical field but you don’t have the years and financial resources it takes to become a doctor, consider pursuing a medical assistant degree in Kentucky at Daymar College. Medical Assistants Are In Demand According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the medical assisting field is expected... Read more
Posted on: September 10, 2015
Daymar Colleges Group, headquartered in Owensboro, Kentucky, has reached a resolution with Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway to close an inquiry into Daymar’s past operations. After producing more than 400,000 documents and providing witnesses to testify on every subject raised in the complaint, this matter has been... Read more
Posted on: September 08, 2015
  Dreams have no age limit - the desire to want a meaningful career and a college degree doesn’t begin at 18 and end at 21.  No matter how old you are, you have an opportunity to make your dreams come true with an online bachelor’s degree at Daymar College in Kentucky.  If you really want to pursue a college degree but... Read more
Posted on: September 08, 2015
Think having a college degree doesn’t matter?  You couldn’t be more wrong and with a college that offers an online bachelor’s degree at Daymar College in Kentucky, you’ll see what a difference it makes.  A college education and a degree in your desired field are the stepping stones to better lives for you and your family... Read more
Written by: Brenda Smith, Student Blogger
Posted on: July 21, 2015
Last week as I arrived at the Daymar campus in Bowling Green, I saw a notice on the front door. I actually took time to read it. It read, Graduation for Daymar students will be held on July 11th at Hillvue Heights Church. I thought to myself, “that's nice”, and moved on. As I walked the halls I noticed this same notice on... Read more
Written by: Brenda Smith, Bowling Green Campus student
Posted on: June 26, 2015
Well another term has come and gone at Daymar College in Bowling Green, KY. It has been a great term. I have gotten to know a lot of great students and instructors. With this term ending, it is just a few weeks away until graduation time. You get used to seeing your classmates and to know that many of them will not be in... Read more
Written by: Brenda Smith, Student Blogger
Posted on: May 28, 2015
Sometime last week, while in class, an office staff member came into the class room. She had two ladies with her. I thought "Oh boy, something exciting is about to happen!" The ladies said they are from the American Red Cross. They were asking to see who would be willing to donate blood at the blood drive that would be... Read more